All about crankcase filters

With the summer months setting in, there is no better time to get your car on the road and start enjoying it but remember to fit a crankcase breather filter to your engine to maximise the potential for maximum power.

What is a crankcase filter?

Also known as breather filters, the crankcase filter ensures that your engine doesn't reuse any oil-contaminated air that can cause poor running and a lack of power.

Why do I need a breather filter?

Modern car engines are designed to return the crankcase fumes back into the engine normally via the air intake system and into the inlet manifold. The problem with this is that oily fumes can contaminate the air-fuel mixture causing the car to run poorly. This can also lead to high fuel and oil consumption and smoky exhausts.

The solution is to fit a Pipercross breather filter that takes the fumes away from the engine completely however this is not always the best situation and may be illegal on road vehicles in some countries/states. Another style of crankcase filter can be fitted inline with the breather system and fumes are only returned into the engine once the oil residue has been trapped by the filter.


What kind should I get?

Pipercross crankcase breather filters are available in two styles, "to-atmosphere" and "inline":

This is the traditional crankcase filter design and is available in either a rubber or alloy neck to attach to your engine's existing crankcase hose.
Inside these is a crushed aluminium filtration material that is resistant to petrochemical corrosion.

Fumes from the crankcase are vented into the air.

Pipercross Inline or "sealed unit" crankcase breathers filters use a washable reticulated-foam filter element that can be fitted into your existing crankcase pipework. The inline crankcase filter is ideal for parts of the world where venting to atmosphere is not permitted.

The filter element is also washable to ensure the filter works correctly all the time.

Where do I buy?

Pipercross crankcase breathers are available from all Pipercross air filter stockists worldwide.